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Ever lasting
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I remember the days when Manhattan Portage was in high demand and popular among the youths. And I can also remember me being one of them. I bought my first messenger bag from Manhattan Portage in 2008 when it was cheaper to get them instead of Crumpler. It is definitely a bag I can lug around everyday without worrying whether chucking everything in the bag will snap the handle.

The bag is not only durable but also spacious, being able to fit a few books, my essentials, water bottle, lunch box and even a jacket. I know, AMAZING! Especially when it doesn't get destroyed unlike the previous bag I had which I bought from Far East Plaza.

The quality is at its best having lasted me up until today, though it only sees the sunshine every once in a while when I go to the gym. The only downside of the bag is that it needs better waterproofing. The range of bags offered my Manhattan Portage has now doubled and I'm spoiled for choices in terms of designs and colours. Will definitely be heading to one of their outlets soon to purchase a laptop bag!
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