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General Clothing & Others P poppy February 13, 2013 196
Quality basics
(Updated: December 04, 2014)
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Ah, the Gap. I remember receiving presents from this store in my childhood (baby Gap - the most adorable tiny little outfits!), so I've always had a good impression of this store and look upon it fondly. But isn't that always the case, really? We tend to look upon all that has positively influenced our childhood fondly - their images and benefits are somehow magnified in our impressionable minds. But I digress.

The Gap doesn't disappoint even now, still doling out quality, basic apparel at reasonable, though not low, prices. This is a far cry from the mass-produced, shoddily-made, and though cheap, with quality far below what you are paying for clothes that most stores now sell. Anyway, come here not expecting to find the latest trends - this is not your New Look or Forever 21. Come here for, once again, your basics! You won't be disappointed.

Loyal fan since childhood.
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