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General Clothing & Others P poppy February 13, 2013 189
Little old plain Jane
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I once had an addiction with Gap once, a long long time ago. I would refuse to wear any other clothing brand because all I wanted to wear was Gap hoodies and Gap sweatshirts, it was an unhealthy and expensive addiction to say the least.

Now, I hardly ever venture into a Gap store, mainly because I am scared off by their almost daylight robbery prices, and secondly because their clothing selection had gotten rather stale after a while. Every time I go into an outlet, it is always the same few style pieces and the designs never seem to stray far from each predecessor. Moreover, the Singapore store branches have a pretty limited clothing range as opposed to its overseas chains. When I visited the UK and Melbourne chains, there were multi-level Gap stores with separate levels for each gender! It was as if I had died and gone to Gap heaven. The Singapore Gap stores though... Not so much. Most of the clothing do not have the versatility that the overseas branch stocks seem to possess. In a sense, they are more of 'staple' pieces rather than styles that are crazy and unique. More often than not, you are mainly just forking out for that huge GAP logo on the front of that $35 t-shirt more than anything else.

All in all, I will say that for those who have a few extra wads of cash rolling around, Gap is the perfect store to shop for some basic pieces to start off your wardrobe. Most of the colours that their products come in are very neutral and easy to mix and match with more unique pieces from other stores. However, many will quickly come to the realisation as I did, that Gap products are mainly just plain Janes in the modern world of quirky and eccentric clothing styles.
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