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Affordable yet stylish!
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Overall Rating 
Personally, I feel that Forever 21 is the one stop shop for affordable clothes and accessories for girls like me. I really like how the clothes are pretty up to date with the fashion trends and the seasons. When it's spring collection, the stores are stocked up with colorful and vibrant clothes!

For students like me, money is quite an issue. Fortunately, Forever 21 has plenty of affordable pieces and items. So I wouldn't have to travel all the way to bugis street to update my closet.

However, there are a couple of cons to the items that Forever 21 sells. It really varies according to the kind of material you get. As I am an avid fan and a frequent buyer of Forever 21, I kinda have a pretty good idea on what's worth the cost and what's not. I noticed that some of the tops that I got, mostly in the range of $15-$27, the quality isn't that great after a couple of washes. Also, the dark blue jeans that I got which were around $21 when I first got it, the colour got transferred to my bag, which I don't really use anymore due to the blue stains.

So...for jeans, it's a NO NO! I would suggest investing on a slightly higher priced item with better quality like those silky kind. Those materials have a longer life span, so please choose your clothes wisely!

Enough with the clothes quality. Now for the customer service. Well, there's really nothing bad for me to say about their service.

Other than that, I would definitely recommend Forever 21 to all the girls out there!

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