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Surf's up!
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Flash and Splash is a galore of surfing apparel and accessories to complement or highlight the cool-factor and sun-kissed charms of surfer dudes and chicks with discerning brands like Volcom, Reef, Globe and Quiksilver as well as sunny, fun-loving and vibrant labels such as Ripcurl and Roxy.

Here at Flash and Splash, you would find swimwear and bikini, beach casual wear and beach footwear – sandals and flipflops. For flipflops, I would recommend Reef and Globe for their sturdy quality and stylish designs. Globe also seems rather popular with the male populace there.

Accessories wise, they sell shades and bags in the form of beach basket bags, backpacks, handbags – suitable on and even off the beach. Volcom, Quiksilver, Ripcurl and Roxy are the more preferred brands when it comes to that. My personal favourite would be Volcom for their more monochrome colour palette and street edge look.

Customer service is commendable and Flash and Splash with vibrant personalities working there to serve you. It encapsulates the bubbly, warm and fun-loving personalities of surfers.

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