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General Clothing & Others A audrey-oh May 18, 2014 535
Simple, versatile and really great quality
(Updated: May 19, 2014)
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If you incline towards plain and simple clothes when deciding what to wear everyday, THIS is the place to go. I love plain clothes and this is my favorite clothing store in the whole wide world!!! They have plain tees, pants, sweaters, dresses in simple cuttings and various colors to suit your mood. They have the Alexander Wang-like plain tees too. Their shoes are amazing as well!! Lots of leather boots *_* The store is big, clean and minimalist and it helps that they use white bright lights in their store. There's nothing I hate more than dim clothing stores with yellow lighting.

Prices at COS are more expensive than what you would normally pay for in Forever 21 and could even be a little more expensive than ZARA in general but you're paying for good quality, timeless stuff here. I would buy the entire store if I could but no $$$ lah haha that's how much I love COS!!!

If you're on a budget and can't buy anything/everything you like in the store. I will recommend their sweaters and tees. Their sweaters are thick though so you won't be able to wear it around Singapore but they make great pieces for autumn/winter holiday trips!!!! And for the tees, you can never have enough of them ^_^ Because of the simplicity of its clothes, they are super versatile so you will never have to worry about matching. Just a tee / shirt from them and a pair of jeans, you're good to go!

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