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J September 06, 2018
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Brandy Melville is an Italian clothing and fashion accessories brand, marketing their products to teenage girls and young women.

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one size? How has this shop not been shut down for political incorrectness?
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On first impression, Brandy Melville seemed like the cheaper alternative to brands such as Hollister and American Eagle. I liked the simplistic designs and the soft cotton feel, and thought this was a brand I could follow for many years to come.

Upon closer inspection, it seemed as though they only had one size. That ‘one size’ was also rather small, fitting only a size 8 or 10 at the most. I was shocked at how this store has not been shut down yet, as they are ignoring people of larger sizes. It could be argued that they are even subtly suggesting people of larger sizes shouldn’t be wearing clothes like the ones Brandy Melville stocks.

Although I did like their fashion, this brand is a fat-shaming one. They should either be closed down or made to remodel their store with real sizes that fit all women instead of this ‘one size’ nonsense.

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Finally, Brandy Has Arrived
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Remember the days when we could only admire Brandy Melville’s cute clothes on their impossibly well-curated instagram account?

Those days are now long gone with their newly-opened Brandy Melville store at ION Orchard *shrieks internally*. I was in awe- to say the least- of this sole Brandy outlet in Singapore (aka The Holy Grail) and its wide array of summer-style clothes (in addition to the iconic and indispensable Brandy sweaters) in one of the most aesthetically-pleasing stores I’ve ever set foot in (see: walls lined with quirky iron-on patches, shelves laden with baby’s breath flowers).

It’s no wonder why girls (young and old) flock to Brandy despite their one-size clothes policy and frankly overpriced (but undoubtedly epically soft) tees and sweaters.

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