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General Clothing & Others P poppy May 16, 2012 990
Trendy clothes at good prices
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Just went to a Bershka store less than 12 hours ago. The clothes at Bershka are trendy and nice-fitting. I saw a couple of flowery tops that looked pleasing to the eyes and looked like it will fit well. The cutting was very obvious. The sewing looked good as well! I did not buy it as I have too many unworn tops at home! Went to the shoe section, it was small but I got my eyes set on a pair of dark pink suede heels. They have a variety of heels available. Patent to matte to suede. I tried it on but the heel was too high for me. Not the heel's fault because it was absolutely gorgeous but I can't stand wearing heels for long, not to mention super high ones so I placed it back on the shelf reluctantly.

Service was excellent. The sales assistants were not being pushy and even greeted us with a welcome line that says "Welcome to Bershka!". Lighting at Bershka is on the dim side though. Yellow lighting. Not the best for shopping. I would prefer white lights like those at Zara. Overall, great price and quality coupled with trendy designs. Worth a look!

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