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General Clothing & Others P poppy May 16, 2012 642
Wait for sale, be patient.
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Located within Ion, it isn't that hard to find Bershka as it is situated at the corner, plain for eyes to see when you're heading towards the wheelock exit. The shop was big and spacious. Displays are in such a way that you could see almost everything in the shop from it's entrance. I went there when they were having a sale and it was really packed, but I could still easily move around. There were plenty of mirrors to see how the pieces would look like on you. Pieces were fashionable but, they were at higher prices than retail outlets like Cotton on and Topshop.

I looked around the shop for something as, it was afterall a sale and decided on a simple oversized denim blouse that could handle different styles.I would assume that most of the pieces here are flexible as long as you have your own fashion sense to guide you along with. AS I looked at the price tag after buying it, I realized that I wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't on sale. It was $60+ before discount. Ohmy!

The shoes are just so pretty and sky high, so were the prices. I saw one shoes selling at $90++. Not a good investment in my personal opinion as shoes easily wear off after 3 months or so. Unless, you're one who have money to spare then this isn't the place for you.
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