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Others W wangkh January 15, 2013 554
Worst of the pack
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Overall Rating 
Of all the taxi companies, this is one taxi I will avoid taking if I have the choice. This means that if I am flagging a taxi on the road, I will not raise my hand to flag a taxi from this company even if it is for hired. If I am queuing in a taxi stand, then it is just my luck.

Why is it so? I think it got to do with the history of the company. If I am not wrong, this company started as a gas delivery company and then diverted into the taxi business. I always have the impression that their taxi drivers were converted from gas delivery drivers. You know, those drivers that drive big trucks with a "Dangerous. Highly Flammable" sign behind. Yes, these drivers are dangerous. I think they are rushing to meet a tight delivery schedule so they like to weave in and out of lanes.

I saw some of the taxi drivers from this company also driving the same way. That is why I will not voluntarily take a taxi from this company.

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