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Others W wangkh January 15, 2013 487
satisfying, comfortable journey
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I feel that in essence, Prime taxis can be easily distinguished from their counterparts simply because they have a 'Prime supermarket' fee, about them. From far off, their design starkly reminds you of something from a very localised, down-to-earth supermarket chain and the interior is similarly designed as well.

The first impression I had when I sat in the interior of one such taxi was one of roominess. There tends to be bigger seats with more leg room in Prime taxis, and all at the same price since the company follows standard taxi fare charges. The monitor with the fare though, is unusually like the supermarket layout of displaying prices, especially that of the cash registers or the price of meat/vegetables after you weigh them.

The taxi uncle I travelled with was more or less polite. He barely spoke throughout the journey but I commend his knowledge of the roads well as he got us from Bishan to NUS within half an hour despite heavy traffic. However, one bad thing I noticed was that though the total fare was $19.90 and we paid him $20, he showed reluctance in returning the change, showing a bit of his true character.
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