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Others W wangkh January 15, 2013 440
Mostly rude service received and customer service seems like a fictitious department
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I have used Prime taxi thrice in my life so far and I am not taking it again. First experience was with my Mum who is a stroke patient and takes usually longer time to board the taxi. The taxi driver let out a huge sigh and responded with a "huh?!" when I told him that our destination was just three bus stops away. I knew taxi drivers do not like taking passengers on short distance so I tried explaining that my Mum could not move too well and taxi is our only mode of transport, hoping he would understand. Upon arrival, he stopped the car with emergency brake and my Mum's face was slammed against the head rest of the front seat. No apology and grabbed the fare out of my hands.

Second experience was worse. My whole family was sending my Mum home after meal on a Sunday and we hailed another Prime taxi. He heard that we are going to Little India and he made some noise, I ignored him based on previous experience. I know traffic condition is bad there on Sunday so I requested him to drop us in the car park so we did not need to wait in the jam for too long. He raised his voice and jammed the brake when he expressed his refusal to drop us anywhere except the taxi stand. My baby knocked her head against the head rest despite I was wearing a seat belt and my Mum's head hit the window. I made a complain to the customer service via the website as I could not get anyone on the phone, but I never hear back from them.

Last experience was unforgettable. Again we told the Prime taxi driver that we were going to Little India, he told me to get out and said something very disrespectful about the Indians. Again I made a complaint for refusal of carriage, till date I have never hear from them.

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