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“Home tells us the origins of this product; from a home kitchen, carefully prepared and in small quantity. Home is the beginning of all things creative and artisanal. Home is where we find warmth and happiness.

Home-cooking is about secret family recipes. Home-cooking is the mastery of these recipes through decades of cooking for the family. Home-cooking is the social event that brings the family together.

Hcook (say HOOK!) embodies everything that is good about home-cooking.

Hcook uses technology to connect communities. We want you to hooked up with your neighbours and feed yourself a superior diet.”

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Home-cooked food at your Doorstep Everyday
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If you find yourself craving home-cooked food but get home only to rummage your fridge for food - or order takeaway/the regular cai fan, then HCook Sg could be your saving grace to provide you with comfort food at affordable prices.

This delivery service rounds up home chefs in your neighbourhood to provide catering services so that you don’t have the hassle of cooking and cleaning up after a long day at work or school. You can easily order your food through their mobile app, and it will be delivered to your doorstep! They are also open 24/7, which gives you a reliable option to curb your hunger pangs at all hours. They offer dishes in large amounts as well - so if you have trouble cooking for a party, you know where to look!

HCook prides itself on engaging the community informally through food - an area which always strikes the hearts of Singaporeans. If you happen to miss your mum’s cooking, or simply want to have healthier and fresher meals, do check out what’s brewing at HCook!

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