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Bakery & Cakery A astronumb February 13, 2013 238
My first donut experience
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I first had a bite from a fancy donut chain at this place. Dunkin Donut isn't really my cup of tea, as I personally think the donuts are a little too sweet, too thick and a bit hard. They also had some smell which I couldn't really tolerate to but in certain occasion where I need to satisfy my craving, I would give Dunkin Donut a spare.

However, I do like the fact that their donuts are not overrated and they still stick to the old time donuts, where the fillings and toppings are decent and the shape is nothing too fancy. That's what I like the most about the donuts here, because everything looked less fussy.

They served sandwiches too, if you're tired of their donuts. For me, the sandwiches are rather plain dull and too bland. The fillings aren't that generous and too dry, not much to my liking. That's a disappointment because they could taste much better with more improvements.
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