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Western Restaurants W whitebread January 15, 2013 187
Low quality buffet
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I felt cheated dining at this place. My first time was a disaster because the food are cold and the selection is just not worth what you paid for. I said to myself to never step foot in this restaurant anymore.

Years passed and I decided to give this place another chance just for the sake of trying. Who knows they've improved a lot and by now, everything we paid is value for money? But I was wrong. The price has gone slightly higher than the last time and the quality of the food remains the same, or maybe has decreased.

Food are served cold, again. I have no appetite at all looking at the selection of food they offered. Everything looks tacky, cheap and tasteless. The dessert is a joke and nothing is good. It was sad to see the condition of this restaurant because they're trying so hard to cut cost to make a living. Hence, the quality went downgraded.

I just hope they can last longer down the road and improvements need to be done in order to compete with other restaurants.
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