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Japanese Restaurants W whitebread January 15, 2013 395
Be a chef for your own lunch
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Whenever I crave for beef but can’t afford steak, a.k.a all the time, I’d drop by Pepper Lunch for my trusty Beef Pepper Rice.

Apart from 18 Chefs, Pepper Lunch is one of the most affordable, and delicious, lunch options for students, which is what makes it so popular among the youth. While it may look like the serving of beef given is tiny, I find that the amount is just right for the amount of rice they give. I usually drizzle an ample amount of Honey Brown Sauce over my rice, to make it as flavourful as possible.

If my friends had relented, I would have had Pepper Lunch every day of my Woodlands Library studying life during A Levels. Like a Korean BBQ place, you will smell like barbecue for the rest of the day, but I assure you, it’s worth it.
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