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Fusion Restaurants A astronumb February 13, 2013 143
Deserts of all kind
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I never realized the existance of Sweet Chat until a dear friend of mine decided to have a quick drinks here. The whole durian crepe fever was quite a phenomenal back then and we decided to jump on the bandwagon. We were so delighted to learn that this eatery has durian crepe on their menu. Yeay!

The menu has quite a good choice, from savory to sweet indulgence. As the name says, the main attraction at this place is mainly their sumptuous deserts. You can get your sweet desert fix here whe the portion is quite big and the price is very much reasonable.

I ordered their bubur pulut hitam and e infamous durian crepe. The bubur is really thick and full of flavor, with rich coconut milk taste that is sweet enough to my liking. The durian crepe is sensational. The cream is delicious and has a really good durian flavor which I live the most.

I will definitely return to this outlet for more deserts and all those things sweet.
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