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Fusion Restaurants A astronumb February 18, 2013 154
Extensive menu, delicious treats
(Updated: February 19, 2013)
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I stumbled upon MJ Restaurant by accident, after being clueless on finding a nice looking restaurant for our lunch treat. After a long day shopping, a nice cozy place is what I'm looking for and this restaurant has everything that I looked for in an eatery.

With dimmed lighting, quiet and relaxing atmosphere, this restaurant potrays a laid back feeling to its patrons. The space is huge and we managed to get a comfortable seat even though it was lunch hour and full of customers.

The menu has a selection of great food and yummy drinks, and I had a hard time to choose a meal because everything looks good and delicious, plus the price is considerable cheap for a nice restaurant like this.

The food itself is delicious and tasty, and service was prompt and fast. I had pineapple fried rice for lunch and the ingredients and condiments are a perfect compliment to each other. Will definitely revisit on my next shopping trip.
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