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Coffeeshops W whitebread January 15, 2013 227
The cakes need a major improvement
(Updated: February 04, 2013)
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I love the ambiance of this place where it looks a lot like those oversea cafe which serves good food and good coffee. But sadly for Whisk, the food and drinks are just so-so.

With all those fancy decoration, frames and cakes on display, I was excited to take a breather here and relax with a group of friends. We ordered their chocolate cake and red velvet. To my dismay, the red velvet are too sweet but the cream cheese topping is acceptable. While the chocolate cake is just nice, but it's too dense to my liking. They should improve on the cakes because from they look so yummy I feel like buying every slice available on display.

Overall, I definitely in love with the whole cafe environment of this cute eatery. Perfect for girls to have some juicy gossip while sharing a piece of cake together. But that's all they have, just a very nice outlook.
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