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Parks, Gardens & Scenic M maniakidd December 13, 2012 180
Delightful orchid galore
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As the name says, this place houses a range of orchid species for display and even for sale. I brought my mom here as she's an orchid enthusiast and I knew she had a great time looking at the whole display of her favorite flower.

There are some wild orchids on display as well and being here, I learnt a lot about this flower which I always taken for granted. Apart from the normal plain colored flower, I was amazed to have a chance to see a different types of them, be in stripes, dotted and even multicolored. And I adore the smell of this one wild orchid which is heavenly and sweet.

However, the orchids sold here are quite expensive and you can always give it a miss. The weather was insanely hot at that time so light, loose clothes are recommended before coming down here. Overall, this is a nice place if you're an orchid freak.
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