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Religious Sites I iswariya October 10, 2012 290
One visit and that's all
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This place is one of the major tourist spot in Malaysia. I once had a chance to come by this place just to experience all the hypes.

The weather was hot and sunny and once you're there, be prepared to climb the over 200 step of stairs. You need to be physically fit to be up there. We were beyond exhausted and luckily, there are places in between the stairs where you can have a short break and catch on your breath.

I was somewhat disappointed upon arrival at the top. Firstly, there were rubbish everywhere and it was sad to learn that this religious site is running in such a dire state. I mean, people need to be educated about the cleanliness of a religious place.

Honestly, there's nothing much for us to do once we're up there except for venturing further into the caves and the monkeys can be a nuisance. Avoid them at all cost.
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