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Attractions M maniakidd December 01, 2012 198
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(Updated: February 04, 2013)
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Ferry service is very synonym with Penang and whenever I'm here, I prefer to cross over the island by using ferry. Despite being cheap, you can relax and walk around while enjoying the scenic view of the island from your car. The strong wind is nice and I noticed, kids are always overjoyed when they're on ride. It was a great experience to get to enjoy the sea and wind even for a while.

I still remember how I was all giddy and excited to get on the ferry. We will stand at the front side of the ferry and feel the strong wind pass by. It was delightful back then and is still the same until now. It's fun to realized that I can share the same experience I had when I was little with my own kid now. And I love the whole rustic charm of this ferry.

I seldom go to the upper floor as I'm scared of height but I prefer to be at the lower deck where it's always fun to get a splash here and there at times.
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