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Attractions I iswariya October 05, 2012 415
Not worth my time and money
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After seeing all the deals on Groupon and similar sites, I finally gave in and bought my boyfriend and I a pair of tickets to Legoland Malaysia.

We took a chartered coach from Singapore Flyer, the journey took about 1.5 hours which I thought was pretty long considering I usually take less than 30 minutes to get to City Square from Woodlands via public bus. Anyway, we entered and almost immediately got quite disappointed.

Never mind the fact that the place is small but for some reason, the atmosphere wasn’t lively. No mascots, no happy music, just a lot of Singaporeans standing near the entrance scrutinizing the map. At that point, we thought we probably should have just used the money we spent to be here and go Universal Studios Singapore again.

The place was really crowded, maybe because of the school holidays. We spent the whole day there and only managed to take about 3 rides and they were all pretty childish. The fast food had really limited seats and the food wasn’t great at all.

To make everything worse, there were SO MANY people cutting queues! It was absolutely unbelievable! We got so annoyed that we told a group of people off for cutting our queue as it was so unfair to us and people behind. But they just looked at us and went on with what they were doing! We told the staff but they couldn’t do anything about it. Please have better queue control, Legoland Malaysia. Gosh.

Best part was the magnificent lego structures but admiring them under the hot sun wasn’t that great either. FYI, you can pay less than half and view them with air-con at the Art Science Museum now.
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