Mr Kiasu

Mr Kiasu is a popular Singaporean cartoon character created by Johnny Lau, a spoof of Singaporeans and their many habits and quirks.

Zubir Said

Zubir Said is best-known for his invaluable contribution to Singapore by composing the national anthem, the “Majulah Singapura”. He is believed to have written about more than 1000 songs with less …

U. K. Shyam

U. K. Shyam holds the Singaporean national record over the 100m with a timing of 10.37s. His 10.37s is also still standing to date as the fastest ever SEA Games silver …

Latest Videos

Tan Howe Liang

Tan Howe Liang is a weightlifter who was the also first Singaporean to win an Olympic Games medal.

Ang Peng Siong

Ang Peng Siong is a retired Singaporean swimmer. During his competitive days, he held the world No.1 ranking for freestyle records. 

Mardan Mamat

Mardan Mamat is a Singaporean professional player. He is widely considered to be Singapore’s most successful golf professional player ever, having won several tournaments in his long career. 

V. Sundramoorthy

V. Sundramoorthy is widely regarded as one of Singapore’s most skilful and talented footballers ever. He currently coaches the Lions XII, a team playing in the Malaysia Super League as has …

Fandi Ahmad

Fandi Ahmad is a former professional soccer player who has attained legendary status in Singapore. He is well-like by the public for his clean-cut status and philanthropic causes. 


NEWater is the brand name given to reclaimed water produced by Singapore. Wastewater is treated and purified into potable drinking water by 4 factories islandwide.