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There was a time when my parents asked me what I want to be when I grow up. I told them, “Lawyer, Astronaut, Farmer, Hawker, Taxi Driver, and Librarian.” They were confused that a 5-year-old had such aspirations, but what they didn’t know was that I wanted to be in those professions all at once. A hawker selling char kway teow in the ISS – count me in if you’ve got contacts for my dream job. 

While that’s gonna be just a dream, what won’t be a dream is you having to explain your job scope to your parents if you ever land yourself in one of these 10 weird jobs.

P.S. It’s not going to be as easy as saying, “I sell char kway teow to astronauts.”


1. Worm Farmer


weird jobs singapore


Don’t squirm and scroll past this. Worm farmers are one of the pioneers in waste management! Stemming from the idea of decomposition and compost-creation, worm farmers spend their 9-5 making sure that these slender creatures are fed, growing and reproducing. The worms are then sold as composting agents for home gardeners to create 100% organic fertiliser for your garden.

They go for $125/500g, so the next time you see your baby cousin playing with mud and soil, you might just be looking at a composting pioneer.


2. Tree Doctor


weird jobs singapore


The proper name for this profession is “Arborist”. There’s even an International Society of Arboriculture. Before you make “ar boh” jokes, think of all the accidents that could’ve happened on our highways if the many trees on the side suddenly collapsed. 

Treatment and inspection of trees are just a small part of the doctor’s job. They’re also the ones on the government’s speed dial in event that a tree gets struck by lightning – and like humans, literally drop dead. 

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3. Professional Ad Clicker 


weird jobs singapore

If you’re one of those people that can click more than 10 times per second in those “see how fast you click” tests, this job is going to be a breeze for you. 

You may be required to log in to shady-looking websites with weird fonts plastered all over their main page to start your ad clicking business. 

And of course, this job pays well – clicking on just one ad can get you anywhere from $0.18 to $0.25. Doing this on the side can get you an additional $300 a month! Just arm your computer with a strong anti-virus software and get yourself the latest gaming mouse, then you’re off ballin’.


4. Queuer

 weird jobs singapore


Bank in on your inherent Singaporean talent and you could earn at least $150 just for queuing on behalf of some rich businessman cosying at home. 

Whenever hyped products like the iPhone 8 or the next Adidas NMD get a new release date, you will be able to find posts calling for queuers all over the front page of craigslist. If you are already going to join the hype, standing in for someone and get paid doesn’t seem that bad of an idea. 


5. Professional Cuddler


weird jobs singapore

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As dodgy as this sounds, if you are willing to be a human-sized teddy bear, the reality is that you can be paid anything from $50/hour and up for being a professional cuddler. That’s approximately what a junior associate at a law firm gets paid, except you won’t even be working ⅕ as hard as they do. 

Known as Touch Therapists in the professional world, professional cuddlers are making bank by alleviating negative emotions from the lives of their clients by way of platonic touch. 


6. Professional Groomsman & Bridesmaid  



Contrary to popular belief, money can actually buy you friends. Maybe just for a day, but he’ll be the bro-est of bros. Just by playing pretend, you could potentially add $1,000 to your bank account after just one wedding.

It may seem like a scene right off a Kevin Hart movie, but with our social circles smaller than when we were 17 as we age, there’s no shame in wanting to look happy in love and popular.


7. Human Statue


weird jobs singapore


The human statues here are on a whole different level from the silver-painted buskers you see along Orchard Road. These people are professionals that can play roles ranging from a Greek god to a stone-casted performer. 

Mostly hired to liven up otherwise boring corporate events, being a human statue means convince the audience so strongly that when you start moving, the reaction of the audience can easily substitute those from Just for Laughs Gags. That’s the kind of ice-breaker you can be a part of. Just stay extremely still.  


8. Pick Up Artist Instructor


weird jobs singapore


Casanovas, here’s something you can make dough from after countless successes and failures with the opposite gender. Teaching men how to pick up girls may seem like a poor career choice but there’s big money to be made from guys who just need an extra push to start dating. 

It’s simply about empowering others and keeping them from making the same mistakes as you did. The best part is, you’ll get to see people fall in love – hopefully forever, just like a real-life Cupid.


9. Professional Sleeper 


weird jobs singapore

This is the dream job for all sleep-deprived Singaporeans. In America, professional sleep testers can earn upwards of $420,000 per year. There are no stringent prerequisites and qualifications needed, although a love for snoozing is a must. 

The job is basically for healthcare organisations to learn the sleeping habits of certain groups of people to better develop solutions for insomnia. Snuggling up under a cosy duvet in an 18-degree air-conditioned room obviously sounds better than facing excel sheets after excel sheets in a cubicle. Start training now at home with your earplugs, sleep schedule and a dark room. 


10. TCM Vet/Nurse


weird jobs singapore


Traditional Chinese Medicine may be getting more and more legit in Singapore, but some vets have long been utilising the same techniques of acupuncture and electrostimulation on our furry ones. Like the effects TCM has on humans, TCM proves itself to aid our pets in recovering at faster rates than commercially available medicine with visible improvements in just one session. 

Your TCM elective won’t be just for show when you’re applying for this job.


Strange jobs for not-so-average Singaporeans


This list just goes to show that there is a market for anything and everything in this globalised world. Making a living doesn’t have to mean being confined to a small cubicle for 8 hours a day, for the rest of your life. But if you fall more on the safe side and are looking for jobs a little less flamboyant, that’s perfectly fine as well.


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