Zygienic’s UV phone sanitiser

Zygienic UV Sanitiser cover

It doesn’t matter if you’re a TikTok-ing Gen Z or a WFH Boomer, our lives are so heavily intertwined with technology that most of us basically have our mobile phones stitched into the palms of our hands. Now add a rampant virus into the equation, and you have a germ-loaded device you should probably be washing as frequently as your hands.

If you don’t want to risk inadvertently ruining your phone by wetting its surface with disinfecting wipes or sanitiser, this pocket-friendly UV phone sanitiser from Zygienic is one you’ll want to consider to ride out the COVID-19 wave.

How UV tech works


The Zygienic phone sanitiser comprises a total of 4 UV lights that kill 99.9% of surface germs on your phone at the push of a button. It makes use of an innovative technology called Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), which kills microorganisms and disrupts their DNA.

UVGI is currently used in a variety of places from hospitals to water treatment plants. Singapore is also using this technology in the fight against COVID, and they are deploying over 200 UV disinfecting robots across malls and transport sectors by the end of the year.

Zygienic UV Phone Santiser - How Technology Is Helping To Beat Covid
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Zygienic UV Phone Santiser - How Technology Is Helping To Beat Covid

With Zygienic’s UV phone sanitiser, you’ll have this disinfecting power right in your hands. The whole process takes just 15 minutes and you’ll be able to track this on a small display at the bottom of the gadget. An alarm will let you know when it’s done so you don’t have to wait around longer than you have to.

In addition, the case doubles up as a wireless charging port to give your phone more juice through the disinfection process. This function works universally to charge any phone model – even ones as dated as the iPhone 6, Galaxy S8 and Note 8. It can even charge wireless earphones like Airpods.

sanitising small items

Aside from phones, the sanitiser can also disinfect personal items like keys, pens, and watches – practically anything that you can fit in there can be cleaned. This comes in handy especially for things that don’t hold up well when cleaned with liquids like leather and brass accessories.

Stay safe with Zygienic’s UV phone sanitiser

In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s become super important to maintain good hygiene. And with how often we handle our phones, it’s well worth it to disinfect them frequently to keep your loved ones safe.

For a limited time, Zygienic has a promo on its UV phone sanitiser and its retailing for just S$69.90 (U.P. $89.90). If you’re from Singapore, you can get free shipping with the code “juneonly”. They also offer shipping to Australia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam and the associated international shipping charges apply.

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