The winner of our member of the month for October was with us from the very start. Back then we had less than 1,000 reviews on the site. When she first joined, I was amazed at her ability to write with such style and so quickly!

She was one of the first ever to earn our star writer status and a reason why we introduced this feature – to help quality writers stand out more and encourage others. Over time, she’s also learn to write in a more formal and journalistic style for the media events and features that we cover.

She has that natural flair in her writing which may be attributed to her love for reading books.

TSL October 2013 Writer of the Month:

Nicole Lee

Q1: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re doing at the moment in life.

Nowadays I am getting pretty restless so I’m just finding new material to write, new songs to listen to, new books to read, new films to watch, new places to go, new activities to do – just in a nutshell trying to conquer Life and do them all. So far I’ve crossed out kickboxing, surfing, yoga, painting, skateboarding, baking and I can’t wait for my list to grow.

Studies-wise, I am now at SIM University and so I’d say I’m doing pretty well. Work-wise, I am still teaching little kids art and it is fulfilling when they finally get my name right – teacher nicole and not teacher miko sigh. But they are so very precious so they can call me “oi” and I’ll still let them draw tic tac toe on my arms.

Q2: What is your favorite attraction, restaurant and hotel in Singapore?

Hotel: Such a dead giveaway but it’d have to be Marina Bay Sands Suites. I spent a weekend the Sands Suite with my family and we had a pool table, two bathtubs, three balconies and four televisions. Need I mention the infinity pool? Gorgeous gorgeous.


Restaurant: Its a tug-of-war standstill between Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique, Treehouse Cafe and Prive Cafe, but I’m leaning more towards Treehouse Cafe. How can I not adore such an exquisite place?

Attraction: Knetic Rain, only because it was destroyed recently and it is only polite to look dramatically back at the old days of the attraction at its peak and shake my head sadly at its passing.


Nicole and fellow TSL writers on our media trip to Legoland Waterpark, Malaysia.

Q3: Your writing is so happy but why are you so emo IRL? Name your top 3 favourite emo songs and why.

I am not emo tsk so convinced I am! Okay maybe just some nights. Most nights. Every night. This is not a convincing sentence. Let’s move on!

1st: His Girl Friday by The Academy Is..

No particular reason hmm.

2nd: A Perfect Sonnet by Bright Eyes

It is a desperate man clawing at the happiness of others and in varying stages from anger, to confusion, to quiet resignation. I feel this song grabbing my soul by the throat and breathing pain down my neck. Love it!

3rd: Degausser by Brand New

This is the kind of song I listen to when I want to feel heart-wrench. There is strength and vulnerability and brutal, cutting honesty that comes in the form of piercing lines tied in an aching tune. WOO!

Q4: Your plans for the future. Where are you now in 5 years time?

I am on a balcony, painting the view below me with cheap brushes and food-ingredient-based homemade acrylics. My beatbox god of a husband will watch idly by while he comes up with a clever anecdote to distract me from my work and I’ll look up pleased with a quirky innuendo. Then we eat my painting.

Either that or I’m just living off scraps in a small apartment where my kitchen is also my living room, and I’ll be sipping tea with my pinky out and writing with blackberry-based homemade ink for my book while my husband plays on his electric guitar looking mighty fine. Then we eat his guitar. I kid. We eat my book.

Nicole covering Ben & Jerry’s Chunk Fest 2013 with TSL.

Q5: Any last shouts you would like to make.

I want to believe that we are all a part of the universe and it will eventually give in and give the hopeful what they want and much like religion, it only works when there are enough followers (such an instagram trait tsk).

So I ask for your same hopefulness. Cheers!


This video of her experience at Wavehouse always makes me laugh, just had to include it!

Apart from Nicole’s reviews, here are some of the standout pieces she’s written!

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