This month its an honour to introduce long time contributor cocochanel_912 aka Audrey Oh as our quality writer of the month. She also picked up the top contributor prize this month for points won, a TSL first!

Audrey has been a key contributor to our site since we first started and I bet she will become a super hip and fashionable teacher one day!


TSL May 2013 Writer of the Month:

Audrey Oh

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re doing at the moment in life.

A: I am Audrey, 21 this year. I really love cats and I’m a proud owner of 3 cats, all of which are adopted since young! Anyone else who owns cats here..? I’m an outgoing and talkative person who likes to talk about everything under the sun!

I am currently having my holidays and will start my 3rd year in university this August.

Q: What is your favourite attraction, hotel and eatery in Singapore?

A: I don’t have a favorite attraction in Singapore because I love visiting new places! If I have to pick one it would be the Night Safari.

I don’t have a favorite eatery because I love eating so much, anything that serves nice food automatically becomes my ‘favorite’ so I have a long list of favorites.. Yummmm.

Q: You have by far the most shopping and blogshop reviews on the site. You seem like a super shopaholic! What’s behind your passion for shopping?

A: I am glad you spotted my talent – shopping! I guess it’s just a girl’s thing. There’s never enough clothes, shoes an bags. *chuckles* Never enough! 😛

Q: You’re majoring in English at NTU. How far are you in your studies and what would be your dream job in the future?

A: I am heading to my 3rd year of studies now (time really flies I still remember myself being a freshie). My dream job would be to be a primary school teacher and I am working towards that.

Q: Any shout-outs you would like to make?

A: Thank you for all the contributions on TSL! (Now it sounds like I am the editor hahahaha!!)

These contributions allowed me to discover new eating places and attractions. Keep writing, people! And would someone open a cat cafe already please…? 🙂


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Audrey’s Cats!








Every month we celebrate the best writer on TSL who gets inducted into our Hall of Fame. I feel its only right to acknowledge the highest quality contributors on our site. Hopefully this would inspire other members to do their best and take their writing to the next level!

While our monthly points race recognizes the top contributors, our writer of the month award pays tribute to the highest quality contributor of that month. Its really hard to pick just one member as there are over 100 active writers every month. And sometimes its a very close fight between the top writers. But please don’t be disheartened if you’re not chosen yet, and keep up the quality writing. Your efforts will not go unnoticed and your turn will come soon!

Members will only be eligible to win our monthly award once.

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