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This month we introduce one of the TSL favourites Slidepj as our quality writer of the month. His reviews are among the most entertaining on TSL and has chosen to remain a mystery "so i can write reviews without caring and usually they turn out better."

There is absolutely no mercy shown in his brutally honest and hilarious reviews. He isn't shy either to lavish praise on places that deserve it making his reviews a true joy to read as you know these good places really deserve it.

TSL June 2013 Writer of the Month:


The Interview

Q1: You seem to lead an interesting life and you're also friends with some famous faces! Tell us a bit about yourself and what you're doing at the moment in life.

A1: I used to go out a lot so i met quite a lot of people through nightlife. I'm in my late 20s and currently i am busy with starting a new business!

Q2: What is your favourite attraction in Singapore?

A2: I love Tiong Bahru so the neighbourhood is my favourite hangout. I think it has something for everyone, any age, even if you are a foreigner.

Q3: You love trying Singapore hotels on a whim from the lesser known to the luxurious. Can you share with readers what's behind your passion behind this?

Just for the fun of it, this is the best way to feel like you are on a holiday, by escaping to a hotel and being away from home. Sometimes when i go overseas i can change 3 hotels in 6 days just to try them out. I guess i like hotel hopping.


And that concludes our brief interview with the enigmatic Slidepj. Do check out more of his reviews here!

And here is my all time favourite Slidepj review.

"Stay away"

Be a good boy/girl, stay away from this hotel.

This is one of the worst hotel i have ever been to and they have managed to provide me with surprises during my stay here.

After checking-in, I took my pants off to watch tv in the comfort of my own room. 20 minutes later, a man walked in and i was caught with my pants down, literally. I was eye raped and questioned as he was assigned the same room. It was a breach in security and an invasion of my privacy. What a great way to begin my experience here.

When wanting to unwind in the bathtub, i sat down and felt something at my bottom. To my horror, it was a little glass bit. speechless.

When wanting to make some coffee for myself, i reached for the teaspoon and felt a sticky spot. The bottom of the spoon still had residues of coffee from previous use. The cleanliness here is appalling.

In the morning, i wanted to order room service breakfast. I was on the phone for half an hour, each ring made me angrier and a hungry man is an angry man. In the end, no one picked up and i had no breakfast. It was 10am when i called by the way, and clearly they were all perhaps trimming the lush bush surrounding the hotel with scissors while my phone call rang away.

During check out, there was a line and the receptionist exclaimed "I wish i have more hands!"

Stay away, you hear me?


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