The winner of this month’s quality writer of the month award is one of our long time contributors who has been with us since the start – RunningMan!

He has been really busy travelling the region in his job and while he has been visiting all the different cities, he has been documenting his travels on TSL.

TSL July 2013 Writer of the Month:


Q1: From your articles it looks like you get to fly all around the region! Tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re doing at the moment in life.

I’m a Trainer and Content Developer working in the aviation industry, focusing on customer service. Participants who attend my courses include airport staff from all over the world, usually those who have to deal directly with customers like check-in staff, ticketing agents, or airline sales personnel.

The nature of my job involves frequent travelling, and I visit at least 1 country on average every month. Cities I visited in July 2013 include Yangon (Myanmar) and Adelaide (Australia). For August 2013, my work will take me to Manila (Philippines) and Bangkok (Thailand).

I’m particularly passionate about photography and writing, mainly to document the experiences I’ve had, and as keepsakes for memory (I’m sentimental like that!). These passions have led me to work in related fields in my previous jobs, including sales & marketing, teaching, and mass communications.

I have a fondness for Fantasy stories, currently, I’m closely following the Game Of Thrones television series.


Q2: What is your favorite attraction, restaurant and hotel in Singapore?

My current favorite attraction would have to be the Cloud Forest Dome in Gardens By The Bay. The view of the bay juxtaposed with the sloping curved walls of the dome, the cool feeling of mist on the skin as the waterfall thunders in the background… Spectacular experience!

My current favorite restaurant is actually Cedele, because I love their fresh, home-made food, especially their pastas. An honourable mention is the Indian eatery Annalakshmi Janatha Restaurant, which operates on the concept of ‘Eat as you like, pay as you wish’. When I was younger and much, much poorer, I often ate here because I had no money. I never forgot the kindness of the staff (they are all volunteers).

My current favorite hotel is Singapore’s first loft concept hotel, Studio M Hotel. Every room in this chic designer boutique hotel features a loft, separate work and rest areas, complimentary internet and is relatively inexpensive. Coupled with its rather convenient location in Robertson Quay, Studio M Hotel is nearly always fully booked!

Q3: Of all your places visited so far, which street food and attractions have you enjoyed the most?

I think about the fantastic barbecue meat and seafood skewers I had in 19th Street in Yangon quite often… I’ll definitely go back again for those! 

Yangon BBQ Skewers


For attractions, I think the one that stood out the most for me was driving along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Traversing some of those tight corners along the road with the cliffs on either side is quite an adrenaline rush.

Along the Great Ocean Road


Not to mention the fantastic view of the ocean. Travelling the entire length of the Great Ocean Road is possible in 1 day, but to really enjoy it and take it all the sights should take about 3 days.

Q4: Any last shouts you would like to make?

I think that is a fantastic platform for all Singaporeans to gather and share experiences. We should totally hold a celebration when we break more milestones (Top 1,000)!

Adelaide Street Art


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