First Date Deal-Breakers


a1sx2_Thumbnail1_5.pngI speak from experience – first dates are really scary. How would you even begin to know what to say to the person you’re on a date with? And don’t get me started on the intimacy of the date. To me, it takes just one wrong step to take your first date from cute to disastrous. b2ap3_thumbnail_1_20150626-091451_1.pngHere at TSLTV, we are always looking out for your well-being. For the latest TSL Comedy episode, we put aside the list of things you should talk about and give you a list of things you should NEVER say on your first date. Well, unless you really, really, really don’t want to see that person ever again. b2ap3_thumbnail_4.pngWe also got special guest, Benzo from Trevmonki, to act out some of these rather awkward situations as well. Want to watch him and the rest of the TSLTV Team ruin their dates? Well, don’t wait any further and watch the video below!

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