I was at USS for their Halloween Night a coupla weeks ago. Being one of the first in, we ran in for all the rides and were lucky enough to experience all the rides first. At the end of each right, we bought a photo snapshot of us on the ride. I put it away in a bag that night itself. 

I took out the photos last night, to put them away. For the first time since that fun-filled night, I looked through the photos again. I was struck by what I was looking at. Other than my group i was with, I was looking at the faces of many other people who were also have the same amount of fun and adrenaline rush that I was experiencing. I saw the faces of people as they were having fun and for that one moment of time in that snapshot, I saw that everyone was having exactly the same feeling and in a way, everyone was sharing their feeling with everyone else. 

This is what struck me. Life is filled with many of these moments, too infinite in number to count. If every moment like this could be in a snapshot, how would we face ourselves when we see it from another angle? I mean, haven’t we all shown our hostile, neutral, and irritable side to complete strangers at many times in our lives? Perhaps it’s a bit too abstract, but I feel that maybe it’s time to start behaving better and showing others the best in me… Maybe that’ll make my life’s snapshot album all the more satisfying to look at during my latter twilight years.