After reading tons of articles, watching the debates and watching the polls, here’s why i think that why Obama is likely to be reelected as US President, arguably the most powerful man on the planet. 

First, incumbents have a big advantage, particularly against a weaker rival. With all of the bells and whistles of the modern presidency, and the respect, however grudging, most Americans continue to show toward the leader of the free world, running for president from the White House helps a lot.

Second, presidents who are likeable, sentient beings have the edge. Clinton’s political skills rivaled Reagan’s; George W. Bush’s regular-guy image trumped Al Gore’s stiff public persona. And while Obama can be too professorial and detached — both compared with Mitt Romney and in his own right — he’s a natural on the stage.

As we watch all of this craziness in American politics, the world craves not just certainty and stability, but hope as well. And so it is the duty of all Americans to seek out a measure of that stability in the only national institution that all Americans help shape — the presidency.