I have found a lot of gems in Singapore.


I am a selfish person but I guess good things are meant to be (somewhat) shared:


1) Haji Lane


– This is a no brainer. Every hipster and their mother probably knows of this place and has probably a whole photo album of “Haji Lane, the day my cooler-than-you geek specs took over” or other equivalent nonsense.

b2ap3_thumbnail_hajilane3.JPG b2ap3_thumbnail_hajilane4.JPG

But honestly walk down from here to Bali Lane and you’d have enough photos to fight them too. Just don’t forget to take a photo with you tragically looking sideways while putting your hands in your pockets in a casual manner because hey!, sadness in casual positions is apparently believable! Also remember to choose only Arial Narrow or Helvetica for your font on the photos. I am unbelievably helpful.


2) Intercontinental Hotel Balcony

– This place requires some effort to sneak into so find a helpful staff or just charm your way through with the hotel guests. Am I allowed to post this? But anyway I found my way in with a friend through the staff elevator so try that!

This place is beautiful. The seats here are loft-quality and the pool is small, but it adds serenity to the overall vibe of this place. The blankets are warm and the sheets are welcoming. Everything here is in full splendor at night so come after 7pm and view Bugis from a bird’s eye view.


3) This abandoned army barracks in Choa Chu Kang

– I chanced upon this place by accident and my sister refused to go in with me. The whole place looks like it came out of a haunted place set but it looks beautiful.

The run-down building, the vines creeping around the gates, the gates itself and their rusting glory, everything here is brilliantly vintage. I didn’t dare to take any photos because it’s dangerously near a cemetery and I have a morbid fear, but come if you’re fearless!


4) A stretch of houses behind Far East Plaza

– My most accidental picturesque place yet.

It’s a stretch of expensive bungalows and at least 3 of them are boarded up. So find your way into their gates by very simply unhooking the lock and take your camera on a whirl. Come in the day as this place is pretty dark and will do horrors to your lightning. A pretty place.


5) The road beside Coronation Plaza

– I came with a friend one day when we skipped school and by god, this road here has so many colors it’s unbelievable. I have an image somewhere but I think I’d keep it to myself. Come here in the morning sun so you can see this place in literally full HD.

Make sure the road is empty and have your fill of emotional road photos or happy ones. I choose a sensual theme for my friend and it turned out weeping perfect. I should upload it.


Nonetheless, here are your 5 places, now go and make a hipster cry (with good photos okay).