It’s no secret I support President Barack Obama. Many people often ask me why, given the state of the US economy today and it’s position in world affairs. As a liberal, I share his political views and I continue to be wowed by his forward thinking initiatives and policies. I am a staunch admirer of how he has wowed everyone everywhere with his ceaseless demonstration of dignity, superior intellect and unparalleled innovation. As Obama so simply, yet eloquently, stated during his celebration speech -change had come to America -a change the whole world so desperately needed after eight painful years of George W. Bush’s colossal failure. 

I recognize that Obama has made more than one controversial decision and rocked the boat a time or two in recent years. Sure, he has committed his share of blunders and tripped over his own words from time to time. But, there isn’t a president in history who didn’t flub up big time at some point during his administration. 

While I acknowledge he has made a number of mistakes in recent years, I stand firm in my conviction that Barack Obama is one of the greatest presidents America has ever seen. I believe history will prove this, and with time, he will be remembered in the annals of history as a revered revolutionary.