The recent natural disaster in the US – Hurricane Sandy instantaneously made me reflect on the vulnerability of life. Although friends in New York have constantly posted online to report safety, there are still concerning warnings posted out daily on a daily basis. Despite all the chaos going around, and the talk going on about natural disasters, I realise that we all seem to forget those harmed by man-made disasters and actions alike.

My human rights module in uni has opened up my eyes to many other aspects that I would otherwise have turned a blind eye to. Living in the comfort of city life, and having no means of discomfort within reach it would seem like the little-est pain of even an outfit malfunction could potentially be the a day spoiler. We tend to take things for granted and fail to appreciate the things that are already in place for us, for instance the simplest being the convenience of electricity. Man-made disasters are usually down-played, and many at times, as they are hardly publicised or as issues are hardly brought up, they are forgotten. 

I came across this video of the Niger Delta oil spills and my, was that a major one: 

I too read a recent article about the clean up effects of the niger oil spills and it was not very pleasant. Imagine, 4 years down the road and nothing major has even been done to help compensate the victims. Talk about aid and welfare,