I have declared my hatred of Stomp on everywhere available and it’s not enough, so here’s another article about it! I know $50 is apparently gold to many people on that site so I have my own idea of what makes the cut in Stomp.


1) Hug yourself and put a self-timer in front of you. Remember to do it at public places like the train, a park or in front of a primary school

2) Eat on the train and take a photo, but censor the face so nobody knows it’s you! 😉

3) Hang around clubs after 12am and take photos of supposedly “sexy ladies” and get instantly featured

4) Hang around clubs after 4am and take photos of drunk chicks without panties and drunk men without shirts

5) You could also make it into a collage of “before” and “after” photos. Woo extra $50!

6) Get into a long queue for food and tap the man/ lady 2 persons before you rudely and hide. Wait fro the man/ lady to confront the person in front of you for prodding her. Take pictures of resulting fight!

7) Write rude graffiti at a playground and take a picture

8) Give little kids your iPhone and take a picture of these new iPhone ambassadors then whine about kids these days

9) Order McDelivery on the “train approaching Jurong East platform B” and ask a passerby to whatsapp you the resulting photos

10) Paste weird stickers all over Singapore’s traffic lights

11) (ATTENTION!: try this only if you’re a very experienced Stomper who has had many pointless articles submitted and published by Stomp!) Smoke at a gas station. Some photos are worth your life. Or $50 at least


I would think of more but my brain has malfunctioned from the monstrosity of it all. You figure the rest!