Commercials on the television are getting much better.


I remember thinking about how cheesy the commercials on tv were. The staged dialogue, the bad acting, the un-synchronized hand-speech movements. So I’d usually quickly reply my whatsapps and texts while waiting for my show to commence. But of late, even the commercials are attention worthy.


I remember being on a group chat one day when I heard a witty conversation, so I looked up and it was where a Chinese old uncle and an Indian old uncle were talking about cancer (I may be wrong, I have an atrocious memory). It was natural and light-hearted and it never gets told. And for once, I was genuinely interested and enjoying the commercial. 


And the standards kept rising. The next one that caught my discerning eye was one of a old uncle who was feeding invisible chicken, with his grandson joining the charade enthusiastically because he didn’t want to rain on his grand-dad’s parade. It made me tear and feel deeply afterwards. A beautifully done commercial and it has done its educating to perfection.


The most recent one to have my attention was the fathers to sons act. Some time back this year, I was a participant in a filming event and I totally forgot about it. As it turns out, it’s in this same commercial. It was a show of his journey, and when I first watched it, I felt the goosebumps rising from the pride I feel for our Singapore men (though if you pull the nearest NS man near you and force him to watch this, he will scowl and mutter nonsense). But then seeing myself at the end significantly paused me in my reverie and I laughed to no end.


I love a well-done commercial, amazing what 3 minutes can do.