Sorry, didn’t realise it was a GIF. 

I thought this should deserve its own post because guess what, they still exist! I saw these two friends making a cute little handshake as they met each other on the train. It was small and sneaky but I witnessed it!

And we all had one. Well, the all geeky ones had one. 

The inspiration really came from The Parent Trap. When young and innocent, Lindsay Lohan’s character and her butler created, what I call, the coolest handshake/dance/jiggle ever concocted. When you’re impressionable like me at 10, everything on TV is considered cool. 

So that was it. We had to have one. And being the geekiest of them all. I had to have a few with different people. 

I can’t remember the thought process, idea generation or what the design thinking was. Most likely that there wasn’t any. But one day, we just went piah*, piah, piah, snap, finger-wiggle and a oh-yeah. And so we had it. Our very own secret handshake! The best secret handshake/dance/jiggle ever concocted!

*piah – A sound to indicate the slapping of hands. It sounds quite Singaporean I think.