The great thing about our site is it allows you to express your most honest and unadulterated views on all things Singapore. Sometimes this leads to absolutely hilarious reviews. In no particular order, here are 10 of the funniest reviews from our members! Enjoy!


Sour Sally  “Aint that sour!” By pookyrollmadness

“Service staff is definitely bad. no smiles, no thank you, no nothing. basically a robot could have done the job.”

West Coast Park “Forget East Coast Park, this is the place to be” By minicolee

I don’t encourage vandalism but many have made their mark here with “24 September; I is here” and what-nots, you could be the next.

Billy Bombers – “Probably a big hit in America, not on local shores though” By minicolee

My main course was their Fish and Chips and I was heavily appalled. It tasted like something I could get at a Kopitam. Not to diss our local hawker fare but I paid restaurant prices.

Zouk – “Someone somewhere should be regularly worshiped for creating Phuture Friday’s.” By minicolee

I have never been so depressed stumbling out of a club until Phuture. I sat with my friends on the sidewalk, but whilst they were wondering how to split cabs and etcetera unimportant details, I was contemplating getting a home permit stay there.

I am content spending the rest of my teenage life kissing the ground Phuture stands on.

The little things she needs “So-so shoes.”  By ohshafiqa

The staff on the other hand, was a bit annoying. One of them kept following me around and when I looked at her in a way which says, “thanks I don’t need your help” she still kept following me around which made browsing through their shoes a bit awkward.

Singapore Flyer “Breathtaking Indeed!” by Alleys scavenger

I beg your pardon? Is there anything to observe up there other than the aerial view of shopping malls and hotels in disorganized colours and structures? Maybe the best sighting is Marina Bay Sands Hotel that towers more than 50 floors. I doubt you can even steal a glimpse of swimming babes or hunks at the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park.

$29.50 a ride is really breathtaking for such views.

Mad Jack – “Makes you mad…” by Alleys scavenger

If you are serving food in a “fine dining” style, probably order plates that look sleek and expensive instead of a rough looking ceramic junk – those that a legendary restaurant uses to smash at a wall..

Ok, forget about that.

I wrote a 4 pages essay on their serviette to rant at their soggy mismatched cheese bake rice. The branch I went to was at POMO selegie. And of course, the branch flopped long ago – To my delight. Just stop serving lousy food ok?

Fruit Paradise “Price of falling in love: $6.80” By Cocochanel_912

I was over the moon because I hate the artificial sweet taste of canned puree. What makes it really special is that there is a layer of sponge cake acting as a bed for the fruits to rest on. With some whipped cream. Ah, I fell in love!

Price of falling in love: $6.80

Hatched  “Disliked the eggs. not to mention the high price.” By Cocochanel_912

Since the place sells mainly eggs, I think it is okay to assume that their forte is in making delicious eggs that I can’t cook in my own kitchen at home. Otherwise, why would I pay $13 for an omelette I can make at home?

There’s something good about Hatched though. I really really like the smoked salmon. I took a piece from my friend’s plate and wow, it was so good. I suggest they change their expertise to smoked salmon. Renaming their shop Fished would be more apt than Hatched.

Jurong Hill Prawn Fishing“Will not come back here again.” By Cocochanel_912

The worst part was when we only caught 6 prawns the whole night after spending 5 or more hours. It was so frustrating as the string snapped every time we caught a prawn and obviously the prawn will fall back into the pond together with the string. To get a new string costs FIVE DOLLARS. So imagine how bad my heart ached when I hear the string snap. Not only did the prawn escaped. My $5 escaped as well.