It is the time of the year again, where the year is coming to a quick end. 2012 has been nothing but new experiences for me and although it is a little early to say this but I think 2012 has been one great year. Beyond all the rumours of how the world is going to end in 2012, I found myself enjoying every single bit of it that this year has to offer, be it the opportunities overseas, or the ones that are to come. 

There are many things that I am looking forward to following the end of 2012. So many major things happening I can hardly have enough to spend on.

First and foremost, is the ZOUKOUT event of the year. Zoukout 2012 has even made it extra huge with the extension of it lasting 3 days instead of just one epic night. Imagine the amount of epic-ness that is going to emerge from this event! Although it is my life-long dream to attend the ever so famous Tomorrowland festival in Belgium, I guess that having this Asian tomorrowland experience would be as good considering how it is being held in my home country Singapore and prices are not as extravagant! 

Zoukout 2011 was a blast, and I am expecting the same for this year,


Tickets are already on sale, and going fast from the website or the club itself :

The line up is also set to be power-packed, considering how they have even engaged international super djs like Hardwell and Avicii (who is back again for the second time in a row). Line-ups can be viewed in detail from


Next, would be my all time favourite event of the year, which is christmas! Every year we would have our regular “christmas-night” where we would enjoy a fun time, having a sumptuous dinner, gift exchange followed by some massive drinking and partying. Christmas is such a joyous occassion, and like halloween it is an excuse to dress up and to gather and celebrate it with the warmth of friends and families. I am sure there would be Christmas promotions going around town sometime soon too, and not forgetting the yearly decorative lights display competition around Orchard Road! I am particularly into the ones that Tanglin Mall put up every year because they always have the “fake snow” foam thing and my little nephews and nieces who have never seen snow would always gather there in anticipation for the foam.

I wonder what the christmas theme is this year!


To usher in the new year, I am rather excited as plans are being made for counting down. The marina bay sands fireworks display is rumoured to be rather magnificent, and I would very much like to check it out as it would be such a nice way to end off the year, with literally a “bang”. Although information about count downs have yet to be released because it is still rather early into November, there are always the famous countdown parties around that people can take part in, or even so counting down in the comforts of homes are not a bad idea because going out would be rather suffocating considering the crowds. Annual countdown parties that are held include the countdown parties at Sentosa, Orchard Road, Marina Bay Sands, and all the major clubs in Singapore.

Dancing the way into 2013 would definitely not be a bad idea too!

To the end of 2012, I am grateful for all that has happened, and may the last of 2012 be as great as the year was!