Dawn Ho’s recap of the incident



Last night, Singaporean singer Dawn Ho witnessed an obnoxious guy hi jack a limo cab and basically act like a jackass to everyone – telling the limo service stuff “You are my bitch” repeatedly. The guy in question was Aaron Jeremiejczyk, pictured below.


She decided to step in and let him know he should not be talking to people like that. He ended up punching her in the face, giving her a bloody nose and sending her to hospital. I despise any man that raises his hand against a woman, but to punch her in the nose takes it to another level entirely – we’re talking Anton Casey territory.

Aaron has since been suspended from his workplace.


How Dawn Ho responded



The most amazing thing about this story though, is how Dawn Ho responded to this situation. This is what she posted on her facebook the next day.

“I’d like to thank all my concerned friends for their support and sharing the post about my attack. I’ve spent most of the day talking to reporters and worried friends about the incident.

At the end of the day, what he did was very wrong and i do not condone it hence my reaction to step forward and voice my unhappiness in the first place. But i want to be clear that this is in no way a racial or gender based issue and nor should it be. His female (i think Singaporean) friend was just as violent and so it could have been any gender, race or nationality person with a bad attitude and too much alcohol.

And as i had said before, he too is someone’s child, brother or friend. Maybe people like this need help from counseling or AA or something. So please please, let love fill our hearts instead of hate, and believe that the law and karma will take care of things from now.

Thank you to all my dear friends and fellow earthlings. Peace, love and light.”

We salute you Dawn Ho. I believe the best way to show your support for such an exemplary human being is to go watch her perform. You can also check out her album “All in Good Time” she released in 2009 here.

Note: We have no relationship with Dawn, we just enjoy promoting local artists and feel that because Dawn is such a class act, she’s bound to bring some of that over to her music as well.


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