Cheap thrills for the win




Remember that sudden burst of elation you felt when you went up to pay for a full-priced item, and found out it was 50% off? We all live for the occasional cheap thrill. That rush of excitement when things go your way when you least expect them to, and you feel on top of the world – at least for those 5 minutes.

These small wins may not amount to much, but in a high-stress environment like ours, we’ll take what we can get!

Here are 9 cheap thrills of everyday life in Singapore we should revel in:


1. Finding a stray curly fry in your regular fries




Let’s face it, not all fries are born equal. Curly fries will be always be the creme de la creme – you know it, I know it, our bellies know it. But they don’t come often, that’s what makes them so elusive. So when they’re finally unveiled, the whole of Singapore goes into a frenzy.

But alas, you’ve arrived to the storefront too late and curly fries are sold out for the week. Your heart breaks into a gazillion pieces and you are crushed. As you splay out your regular, underseasoned fries, you spot a lone curly fry wedged in the corner.

All of a sudden, humanity has redeemed itself and you feel liberated from the shackles of sad fry-dom. You pop the glorious curled potato into your mouth. A thousand angels sing.


2. When you’re about to break that $50 note to pay your debts, but realise you can go cashless



Call this a first world problem, but nothing hurts more than breaking up a $50 note to pay off your friend debt of $8.90 meal. The logical economist in us wouldn’t detect a decreased value in our wallets, except when the irrational feeling of poverty hits us like a train.

But seeing that this is the 21st century, cashless payments are now a thing. You don’t even need to put yourself through the hassle of ibanking when you can now seamlessly complete your transactions via apps like DBS PayLah! – all you need is their mobile phone number!


3. Matching with someone way out of your league on a dating app



It doesn’t matter if you’re single or not, we’ve all been tempted to download a dating app. Honestly, you’d rate yourself a solid 5 or 6, contrary to the 10 your Mom always thinks. As you weave your way through the catalogue of potential Significant Others, you come across The One. An instant 10 for looks, an animal lover and is into all the same things you’re into – is this real life?!?

You swipe right without thinking and not expecting much in return. You resign yourself to your ultimate fate of being forever alone. But tada, you find out that it’s a match! Now all you need to do is get them to fall in love with you.


4. When you miss your bus or train but the next one comes 1 min later and is completely empty




If there’s anything worse than having to squeeze with a full carriage of grumpy working folk, it’s missing your bus or train. Even if you time your morning commute to work perfectly, chance could still come along and ruin your morning.

Just as you’re about to curse and swear, you see a familiar neon number in the distance or the headlights of another oncoming train. You check your watch and it’s only been 2 minutes of waiting. Saved. To make matters better, it’s completely empty.


5.  When you don’t know if you have enough money in your EZ-Link card but you board the bus anyway, and find out you do



Boarding the bus during peak hour can be excruciatingly stressful. More so if you’re unsure that you have funds in your card. The successful ‘ding!’ as you tap your card on the monitor and seeing your $1.90 card balance is a mini victory in and of itself. You pride yourself for being the ultimate risk-taker out there.  

Even though it’s pretty minor, the red rejection beep is enough to irk you on your journey to the closest top-up machine. Not to mention, the sore embarrassment as you push yourself outta the queue to make a dash with your head ducked.


6. Snagging the 50% off sushi at the end of the day




As Singaporeans, there are 2 things we love most: cheap things and food. Put that together and you have the holy grail of what it means to be Singaporean. This is why we can’t go wrong with day-end sales islandwide. What’s not to love about supermarkets basically offering you free food when they can’t clear their daily stock.



But major wins come when you’re able to snatch up the whole tray of salmon sashimi at 50% off. Nothing like a good bargain to satiate your sushi-lovin’ appetite and leave your wallet heaving a sigh of relief.


7. When you don’t have to foot the bill because your friends owe you money




If you have a chat group with people who love to eat – which tbh is almost all Singaporeans – you’ll know the frustration of splitting the bill after meals. Especially if the restaurants have GST, and even worse if there’s service charge on top of that. Ain’t nobody’s got time to open their Calculator app.

Which is why it’s such a great feeling when midway through taking your wallet out from [omgisitinmyhandbagimsureiputitinmyhandbag], you suddenly remember that Yvonne owes you some money from 2 weeks ago. It’s almost enough for you to give a “discount” on the debt owed.


8. Finding the last piece in your size during a big online sale



When the biggest online sales are finally announced on our news feeds, expect shopaholics from all edges of the island to yelp with joy over the massive price reductions. And hey, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that there resides an inner Singaporean auntie in all of us, waiting to break free.

But with great steals come great chaos, and the biggest victory of them all is finding that one thing you’ve been coveting for the longest time and finally discovering them on sale for a fraction of the price in your size. With kiasu fervour, you hurriedly type in your credit card details – lest your item sells out – and silently thank the shopping gods for this mighty win.


9. When they’re giving away freebies and you’re the first in line




Free pen? Take. Complimentary tissues? Also take. Nothing makes a Singaporean’s day more than the occasional freebie when we’re out window shopping because we’re too broke. Doesn’t matter if the freebie won’t change lives – it’s free and we gotta chope it before anyone else.

The thrill of being first in line to sample those delicious cakes not only delights our senses with freshly baked goods but also pays homage to what it truly means to be Singaporean. C’mon, we’d willingly wrestle through the crowd if it means we can get our hands on that free sample.


Use DBS PayLah! for everyday victories with your pals




We’ve heard the phrase “Just PayLah me!” thrown around during dinners and gatherings with friends. But for those who aren’t familiar with this godsend of an app, DBS PayLah! revolutionizes and simplifies the way we deal with our day-to-day transactions. Besides allowing you to easily pay your pal via their phone number, it also acts as a mobile wallet for all your online or mobile purchases, AND allows you to pay bills!



To make your conversion to PayLah! even sweeter, DBS is now granting you and your friend a FREE S$5 each from now till 15th Dec 2016. Here’s how!

  • For every friend referred, both you and your friend can each earn S$5.
  • Earn up to S$50 when you get up to 10 members of your squad to sign up for PayLah!
  • The maximum reward one can earn is S$55: (S$5 if you’re a new sign-up through someone’s referral code) + (10 friends x S$5) = S$55

With DBS PayLah!, there’s no need to feel paiseh, or rummage through your wallet for small change – simply solve payment issues with a touch of a button.

Download the PayLah! App from the Apple or Google Play Store.


Find out more about DBS PayLah! here.


This post was brought to you by DBS.