Asian dishes in eco-friendly takeaway boxes

Country-hopping in Asia is a traveler’s dream for the rich culture, amazing sights, and scrumptious food on the continent. However, because there’s still a pandemic, our travel plans will have to wait for longer.

Luckily for Baguio residents, Wickd Wok delivers a selection of Asian dishes in eco-friendly, convenient takeaway boxes so you can get a taste of different Asian countries at home or at work. Their offerings are available daily for curbside pickup and delivery.

Best-selling Asian dishes

Wickd Wok - Nasi Goreng
Nasi goreng
Image credit: Wickd Wok

Although this home-based Asian food business only began its operations by the end of 2020, they have become locals’ go-to place for Asian cuisine.

One of their customers’ all-time favorites is nasi goreng, an Indonesian fried rice dish with bits of chicken and coated with sweet soy sauce with a fried egg topping which the shop sells for P180 (~USD3.57). For a simple, comfort food rice dish, they sell kimchi fried rice topped with a fried egg for P155 (~USD3.07).

For non-meat eaters, Wickd Wok also offers a stir-fried veggie and mushroom dish they call veggie wok hei for P180 (~USD3.57).

Variety of rice toppings

Wickd Wok - Rice toppings
Different rice toppings

Image credit: @wickdwok

Wickd Wok also has a variety of rice topping offerings for those who want a rice meal with more protein.

They sell Chinese takeout classics such as cashew chicken and orange chicken for P190 (~USD3.77). For a pork option, they also have pork char siu or Chinese-style roast pork with bok choy (Chinese cabbage) which costs P190 (~USD3.77). For P220 (~USD4.36), you can also get beef dishes such as braised Oriental beef and beef and broccoli.

For a non-meat but still protein-rich meal, Wickd Wok has garlic shrimps and a vegetarian option, tofu & choy, which has tofu, bok choy, and french beans.

Selection of noodle dishes

Wickd Wok - Mee Goreng
Mee goreng

Image credit: @wickdwok

Those who don’t eat rice or wish to skip rice for the day can still enjoy Asian food from Wickd Wok. As of the moment, the shop has 2 Asian noodle dishes on their menu.

One is the Indonesian mee goreng – egg noodles with chicken, tofu, potatoes, and tomatoes – which cost P220 (~USD4.36). There’s also pad thai which is rice noodles with shrimp, sprouts, and tofu, for P240 (~USD4.76).

You can even get any of Wickd Wok’s dishes with sides such as siomai (dumplings), Shanghai rolls, and krupuk or Javanese deep-fried crackers.

Curbside pick-up or delivery

Wickd Wok - infographic posterAn infographic which contains Wickd Wok’s address, contact details, and service hours
Image credit: @wickdwok

To order, simply message the shop on Facebook or Instagram or text them 0967 008 1633 or 0949 775 9211. They take orders daily from 10AM to 7PM.

They don’t have a physical restaurant where you could dine in, but they do curbside pickup and delivery. The delivery fee varies depending on your area.

As for the payment method, they take cash on delivery but you can also opt for cashless payment via GCash or bank transfer.

Wickd Wok’s Asian food takeaway in Baguio City

Our travels may have been put on hold due to the pandemic but, thanks to local restaurants that sell foreign cuisine, people who love to travel can still get to enjoy flavors from other countries.

With Wickd Wok and their curbside pick-up and delivery options, Baguio City residents can even enjoy Asian dishes in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Address: 325 Lower Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City
Opening hours: 10AM-7PM, Daily
Telephone: 0967 008 1633, 0949 775 9211
Wickd Wok’s Facebook | Instagram

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