Virtual bazaars and online fairs in the Philippines

Filipinos have been prepping for Christmas since the -Ber months rolled in, welcoming the season with Jose Mari Chan songs and memes. Most of us had high hopes that the pandemic would be over by the time December started and we’d start getting to doing our local Christmas traditions – unfortunately that’s not the case.

Holiday gatherings are out of the question, and Christmas shopping at malls doesn’t seem like a safe option just yet. However, these 6 virtual bazaars and online fairs are here to save the season and make Christmas shopping safer and more convenient for us.

1. – food gift sets with recipes by local chefs’s Build Your Own Basket gift
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We’ve all had bouts of spontaneous grocery shopping where we get ingredients that we think we’ll use, but end up staying in our cupboards past expiration date. Online bazaar Karton.PH doesn’t just offer food products from local businesses, but they also post recipes by local chefs so you know what to cook with your groceries.

These recipes vary from vegan to pescatarian dishes, made of ingredients you can find on the website such as vegan baking kits (P1,500, ~USD31.19) to fresh seafood (P132.50, ~USD2.76) – perfect to gift your foodie friends and family who have specific diets.

Aside from food products, they also offer home products, toiletries, arts and crafts, baby items, and gift sets starting at P250 (~USD5.20).


2. The Virtualley – first virtual bazaar in Leyte

Churros from Churro Bites
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The metro is booming with virtual bazaars and online fairs, and the provinces sure won’t be left behind. The Virtualley is Leyte’s first virtual bazaar, partnering with brands owned by Leyte locals or Waraynons.

Personalized necklaces from Mirzi.Co
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This bazaar aims to solve the Christmas shopping problem for Waraynons who would rather stay home, away from the buzz of physical malls. Many Christmas gift ideas from holiday grazing boxes to gift baskets filled with pastries can be found here until 20th December.

To shop, browse Virtualley’s Instagram feed with featured vendors and scroll through the products in each post. Once you know what to get, comment with the product code under the post of the store you’d like to order from. An order form will be sent to you through direct messages.


3. The Manila Fling – DIY kits and handmade jewelry on sale

Beaded jewelry from smidge
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Remember those colorful beaded jewelry pieces your lola would gift you on random occasions but you thought were too tacky to wear? Well, they’re making a big comeback, and you’ll find them on The Manila Fling during their Arts and DIY sale until 20th December

Blue Dream Multi-Purpose Mask Holder (P295, ~USD6.14)

Image adapted from The Manila Fling

You can get your kikay friend these reminiscent and quirky rings, necklaces, and bracelets (from P60, ~USD1.25), beaded mask holders (from P225, ~USD6.21), or you can get them the DIY jewelry-making kit (P300, ~USD6.24) so they can customize pieces themselves.

More neutral and classic jewelry pieces are also available during the sale for your friends with a simpler style.


4. Jeepney Stop – 10% of profits go to jeepney drivers

Coconut Sugar from The Basics
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For most, the Christmas spirit is about celebrating with loved ones and spoiling them with our thoughtful gifts. However, as important as that is, it is equally important to think about people in need during the season of giving. Jeepney Stop is an online bazaar that’s dedicated to donating 10% of their profits to our jeepney drivers until 20th December.

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Kaya Ko Pa Bes And Other Lies I Tell Myself

This bazaar is a one-stop shop for whatever you might think of gifting, from online versions of books (from P149, ~USD3.10) for your bookworm tito or tita to cute and cool stickers (from P20, ~USD0.42) for your sticker-collector friends.


5. Noel Bazaar – gift ideas up to 22% off

Scented candles from Pahinga Store
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When shopping for gifts for our loved ones, we don’t always know what to get them. Fortunately, Noel Bazaar Online has a separate category for gift ideas so we don’t have to stress over thinking them up ourselves.

Their gift ideas vary from curated packs of scented candles (P373.43, ~USD7.77) to holiday boxes of COVID-19 essentials complete with face masks and face shields (P737.23, ~USD15.33). You can also enjoy exclusive deals and discounts of up to 22% off so your Christmas shopping doesn’t burn too much of a hole in your pocket.


6. HABI Fair – support local weavers

Handwoven bag from The Loom Project
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If you’re looking for something unique to give to your loved ones, go through HABI Fair’s collection of products made of cloths weaved by our local weavers. More than 30 merchants from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao can be found on the website, making for a diverse range of gift-worthy weaving.

Woven face masks from designed Ditta Sandico
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You can get woven fabric such as binakol (P500, ~USD10.40) that you can sew into your own handmade presents, or products sewn with such fabric such as face masks (P350, ~USD7.28). You can even gift someone a DIY weaving kit (P800, ~USD16.64) if they’re looking for a new hobby. 


Christmas shop safely through virtual bazaars and online fairs

Many don’t feel confident and safe enough to go out to get their Christmas shopping done, with COVID-19 cases continuing to rise. It’s a good thing virtual bazaars and online fairs are popping up to make Christmas shopping safer and more convenient for us.

So don’t skimp out on getting your loved ones a little something for the holiday – you have plenty of virtual bazaars and online fairs to choose from!

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