Tiny house built from a storage room

Some of us may think that building a beautiful, liveable space is hard to pull off. But for Feliz Lucas, one of the members of the Facebook group Home Buddies, even a small, storage room can turn into something eye-catching without hurting your bank account.

For instance, the space that’s less than 30 sq m which was previously grimy is now an elegant tiny house adorned with couches and decorations.

The Valeo tiny house

Old Bodega Room
Image credit: Feliz Lucas

Before its transformation, it was just a small space made up of unpainted hollow blocks that were gathering mold.

Old Bodega Room - Tiny House
Image credit: Feliz Lucas 

But now, it’s complete with a fancy make-over.

Called the “Valeo tiny house,” the space’s facade is now surrounded by plants and chairs, and its walls are painted white.

A string of light bulbs brings charm to the entrance, which is now modern-looking with a sliding glass door. The roof has also been maximized despite its small size – a deck, where you can sit down to relax, was built on top of the house.

Old Bodega Room - Tiny House
Image credit: Feliz Lucas

Inside, a small living room is embellished with brown leather couches and dining chairs to give an elegant contrast to the house’s white walls.

Old Bodega Room - Tiny House
Image credit: Feliz Lucas

According to Lucas, she was able to revamp the space by using used materials. The house’s tempered glass, for instance, was already being disposed of by a supplier when she bought it for only P500 (~USD9.91). The set of furniture placed inside the house was also sourced from Lucas’s father’s coffee shop and from discount stores.

Old Bodega Room - Tiny House
Image adapted from: Feliz Lucas, Feliz Lucas

A plain storage room, even a small one at that, can indeed be repurposed into something more.

If you want to rent the space, which is located near the University of the Philippines in Quezon City, you can message the owner’s Facebook page Balara Content Studio.

Old bodega now looks like a minimalist tiny house

The Valeo tiny house is proof that a grubby area can still be transformed into a liveable, elegant place by making the most of its space and without shelling out a ton of money.

We’d love to see more tiny houses that also offer similar cozy, relaxing minimalist spaces for living.

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Cover image adapted from: Feliz Lucas, Feliz Lucas 

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