She roleplays as a “Tita” on TikTok

To millennial non-users of TikTok, the social media platform might seem to be an app that’s only fun for Gen Zs. With her fun, relatable skits on adult life, social expectations, and keeping up with Generation Z, however, TikTok user Tita G is bound to prove you otherwise.

On top of being a millennial Filipina rocking the corporate world as a program manager at an international tech company, Tita G, whose real name is Grace Co, keeps herself updated on the latest trends. After that, she enthusiastically shares her finds through 60-second “seminars” for other self-confessed “titas and titos” on her TikTok account.

Keeping up with TikTok song and dance trends

Song and dance trends on TikTok change fast, given the nature of the social media platform, but Tita G makes sure to post videos of herself singing or dancing to the best of them.

Most recently, she took on the challenge of singing the tongue-twisting chorus of Dua Lipa’s song “Levitating”. She has also danced to Cardi B’s UP and K-pop boy group BTS’ latest single Butter. 

Her most impressive dance video, however, was one of her dancing to Filipino dance prodigy Niana Guerrero’s choreography of T-Pain’s Booty Wurk.

Weekly seminar on Gen-Z slang for titas and titos

TikTok Tita G - Sheesh
Tita G demonstrates the “sheesh”, putting two fingers against her inner arm and making a squinty face.
Video credit: @thetitag

A true all-rounder, Tita G’s does not only cover songs and dances in her Gen-Z research but also Gen-Z slang.

Every week, she posts a video to help other millennials understand what their younger counterparts are saying. Some of the words she has taught her audience so far are “oomf”, which is an abbreviation for “one of my friends/followers”, and “sus” which is short for “suspicious”.

Tita G also introduced the word “bussin’” to her audience – a term we can use in replacement of “it’s good” when trying out new things.

It’s also entertaining to see Tita G say “sheesh” complete with a squinting facial expression and pointing two of her fingers on her left arm. “Sheesh”, as she explains in a video, is a word coined by NBA player D’Angelo Russell. It means “ice in my veins” or “cool under pressure.”

She offers relatable #adulting TikTok skits for millenials

TikTok Tita G - pain relief balm
Tita G gets excited upon receiving a variety of pain relief balms, like a true “tita” would.
Video credit: @thetitag

Besides Tiktok videos that follow the latest trends, Tita G voices out adulting concerns, work and life problems, and stories of societal expectations through light-hearted skits. 

Tita G’s videos are not only her TikTok followers’ emotional stress relief, but also help with our physical stress. She also recommends a wide variety of body pain remedies, making her all too relatable to millennial audiences.

Bridging the gap between millennials and Gen-Zs

Because of her sheer enthusiasm in introducing the latest trends to the titos and titas of TikTok, we just can’t help but look forward to more of her content. 

While many content creators build their content around the differences between millennials and Gen-Z, the safe and fun space Tita G built on TikTok makes her unique and worth a follow. 

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Cover image adapted from: @thetitag and @thetitag

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