Sungayan Grill in Pangasinan: A Floating Restaurant That Pulls Your Nipa Hut Along Balingasay River

Sungayan Grill Restaurant

Typically, most of us are used to restaurants that are built on land with walls and indoor structures. However, some of us also desire the element of wonder wherever we go may it be travel destinations or food places.

So, if you’re interested in dining somewhere other than on land, visit Sungayan Grill in Bolinao, Pangasinan where you can dine in a floating nipa hut, kamayan-style, as you get pulled along Balingasay River by boat.

Floating restaurant

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Upon arrival, you’ll be met with the signage along with an entrance bridge that’s made of bamboo shoots and wood, quickly introducing the fresh, open-air aesthetic that a floating restaurant brings.

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Once you and your companions have settled in a floating nipa hut and your food has been served, the nipa hut is pulled by a boat at a moderate speed along the Balingasay River.

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It’s also why you’ll see several boats stationed at the river with their respective skippers. They’re the ones responsible for taking your nipa hut out on the river and back to the restaurant near the exit.

Serves freshly grilled and steamed dishes

Variety of grilled and steamed seafood and meat in a bilao
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From the name itself, Sungayan Grill mostly serves grilled food and from the word sungayan, meaning a type of fish – that’s only served when in season – implies that other seasonal seafood are at your disposal.

Depending on your food selection, you will be served a variety of grilled and steamed meat and seafood. For example, you can be served grilled sungayan or alternative fish if not in season, grilled liempo (pork belly), steamed crabs (also seasonal), and other dishes that are accompanied with condiments and side dishes, all placed in a bilao (a woven, flat circular tray or basket).

Fiesta Bilao Grill bundles can cost from P850-P1,650 (~USD16.20-USD31.46) based on the number of diners.

Offers kamayan-style dining

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To amp up your in-nature dining experience or for bigger groups, you can opt for a boodle fight or kamayan-style feast. Depending on the number of diners, the Seafood Fiesta bundle ranges from P2,500-P3,800 (~USD47.67-USD72.45).

Sungayan Grill in Pangasinan

If you’re both a nature and seafood lover, check out Sungayan Grill in Pangasinan, where you can dine kamayan-style in a floating nipa hut surrounded by nature.

Address: Balingasay, 2406 Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines
Opening hours: 9AM-8PM, Daily
Telephone: 0912 353 4433

Sungayan Grill Facebook page

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Cover image adapted from Rev Santos and Joy Caasi

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