SPAM food truck in Pasay

If there’s anything that every Filipino can agree on, it’s that food is love. Food is a huge part of our culture, from traditional recipes for ulam and desserts to quarantine experiments such as Oreo pandesal and ube dalgona. However, aside from playing around in the kitchen, Filipinos are equally appreciative of instant food – if the popularity of Pancit Canton is anything to go by.

Aside from Pancit Canton, another popular quick-fix food is SPAM. We’ll often put this meat in our fried rice, add it to egg and rice to make spamsilog, or put it in our omelettes. However, not everyone has the time to cook such recipes up on their own. Good thing there’s a SPAM food truck going around Metro Manila for you to get your SPAM fix, hassle-free.

Get your SPAM fix on the go

spam food truck
Image credit: SPAM Philippines

As much as we all want to save money by cooking our own food instead of buying food outside, sometimes we just don’t have the time to be in the kitchen. However, for SPAM-lovers who want to grab a quick lunch during their office break or just for merienda, you can now do so at the SPAM food truck going around Metro Manila.

As of 22nd January, the SPAM food truck, run by SPAM Philippines itself, has been at SM Mall of Asia in Pasay and will be there until 28th January, so if you’re in the area and feeling a little peckish, you can drop by.

You surely won’t miss the truck, as it has a huge “I [heart] SPAM” sign on its roof, along with giant cans of SPAM that we all wish we could find at the grocery. The truck also has a table and two chairs nearby for a lucky pair who can dine right then and there. Everything is in SPAM’s signature blue and yellow, so you’ll be sure to catch it.

This SPAM food truck’s menu

spam food truck - menu
Image credit: SPAM Philippines

If you think all this truck has is the basic SPAM fried rice or SPAM sandwich, think again. This food truck’s menu actually offers diverse options for you to enjoy your SPAM. These vary from more popular recipes such as SPAM musubi and SPAM spicy cup noodles, to SPAM experiments such as SPAM-filled cheese donuts or their take on SPAM-filled dynamite instead of the usual chili pepper.

Aside from diversity in SPAM-filled food, the food truck also offers affordable meals. The prices start at P99 (~USD2.06) for small meals such as waffle sticks, and don’t go above P149 (~USD3.10) for bigger meals such as the sweet & sour rice bowl.

SPAM food truck touring Manila

spam recipes
Image credit: SPAM Philippines

The SPAM food truck may currently be in Pasay, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the chance to see this food truck for yourself if you’re in another city. The food truck is constantly changing spots and is traveling around Metro Manila.

It’s been to Eastwood, Bonifacio Global City or BGC, Commonwealth, and Makati in the past few months, so if you’re in any of these spots, you can rest easy knowing the truck will visit your area soon. And if you’re not from any of these cities, worry not – SPAM never said they’re sticking to these areas exclusively. If you want to stay updated on the food truck’s whereabouts, check out SPAM Philippines’ Facebook page where they regularly post updates.

Don’t forget to eat your meals

With everyone busy with work, online school, or trying to stay grounded during the pandemic, don’t forget to eat your meals no matter how full your schedule is.

It’s easy to skip a meal when indoors all day, but do remember to get your fill of nutrients, be it with a SPAM rice bowl or whatever food truck is nearest you.

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