Sea Escape Floating Cottage offers groups swimming and dining fun

Till we all get fully vaccinated, social distancing will continue to be a must-do even while we’re on holiday. And as island-dwellers, a sure way for us to escape from the crowds on land is to head onto the water.

Enter Sea Escape Floating Cottage, off the coast of Calauag, Quezon and accessible only by boat. Here, you can slide into the water, snorkel, and kayak with your fam, or simply swim in a sheltered pool or nap the afternoon away in its bamboo hut to get away from it all.

Plenty of water activities for your group, including beginners and kids

floating cottage drone shot
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Though the sea cottage itself is humble, it packs plenty of activities and fits a group of up to 50 during COVID restrictions. Slide down the cottage’s water slide straight into the sea, snorkel to take a peep at the marine life below you, or kayak around the waters with a buddy while the weather’s still cool in the morning.

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No worries if you’re not a strong swimmer – lifejackets are provided here to keep you afloat on the open sea.

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The cottage comes with its own indoor swimming pool so you can take a dip in the sea but never be too far away from a place to rest.

pool chairs
Image credit: Sea Escape Floating Cottage, Sea Escape Floating Cottage

Even kids still learning to swim can get in on the fun with these floating pool chairs, of course, together with lifejackets. Of course, adults should make sure to supervise swimming children at all times.

Recharge in the afternoon with a boodle fight

 boodle fight
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After all that swimming, a boodle fight is the way to go to refuel for the next part of your holiday. There’s plenty of space for your spread to serve a whole group on deck.

cottage kitchen
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Feel free to bring your own cooking tools and ingredients too – this place comes with a basic kitchen where you can fry up a storm.

boodle fight birthday
A lucky 3-year-old’s birthday boodle fight setup
Image credit: Sea Escape Floating Cottage

The cottage is ideal for birthday celebrations, team retreats, or well-deserved group holidays for young and old.

How to get to the cottage

After taking a bus from the metro to Calauag, navigate to Calauag’s Petron gas station. Hitch a tricycle to the port on Cantre Street, also known as the “Big C Port”.

From there, rent a boat to take you to the cottage. It’s best to call or message the cottage’s Facebook page to arrange for transportation well ahead of time.

Other activities near the cottage

pulong pasig sandbar
Pulong Pasig Sandbar
Image credit: Darwin Dalisay

While in Calauag, make the most of your trip besides hitting up the floating cottage by visiting nearby beach and nature attractions – including Pulong Pasig Sandbar. From the Big C Port, rent a boat to the sandbar, about 24KM away. These boats are bookable in advance from any local boatman or tour service, or through the floating cottage itself.

Make the most of your time on the sandbar by swimming or camping there before 1PM, when the tides cause it to disappear for the rest of the day.

calauag public market
Fresh fish at the Calauag Public Market
Image credit: Waze

Or hit up the Calauag Public Market, just next to the Big C Jetty, to join the locals in doing their morning grocery shopping. This is also where you can gather up the ingredients for your boodle fights or barbeques for later.

Book the floating cottage for a private escape

A 6-hour and 30-minute drive from the metro, Calauag is an underrated spot to escape from the daily grind and soak up some sun and sea – starting at Sea Escape Floating Cottage which can be all yours to book via phone or Facebook messaging.

Do you have any recommendations on new spots to hit up in the Philippines? Let us know!

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